Facts About Moss on Roofs and Structures

  • Under its fuzzy green exterior, moss is a destructive pest. It creeps across roofs, loosening and staining shingles. It covers walks and decks making them slick and dangerous to walk on.
  • Moss can shorten the life of a roof by lifting the tabs of composition roof and promoting rot by trapping moisture on shake roofs.
  • Overhanging trees promote ideal moss conditions. The canopy of the tree can be thinned to let in more light and help prevent moss.
  • Keep walkways safe by controlling slippery moss and slime.
  • Cautions:
    • Do not allow mixture to run from eaves or splash from roof to planted areas below
    • Cover bushes and desirable plants and lawn if contact is unavoidable
    • Product may damage painted metal surfaces and non-galvanized steel roofs
    • Immediately wash off any spray that accidentally contacts these surfaces