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Moss differs from other plants in that it doesn't produce seeds. Reproduction is by means of spores.
Moss is not a vascular plant. It doesn't have xylem and phloem that is associated with other plants to conduct water and nutrients throughout the plant.
There are several conditions that favor moss growth. Invasion of moss generally occurs when turf grasses are weak. Typically, if the soil is acid, infertile, waterlogged and the site is shady, moss will gain the upper hand.
Keep turf adequately fertilized to encourage good growth. Lime if necessary to keep pH at levels that turfgrass enjoys. Avoid weakening turf. Irrigate during extended drought periods and control damaging turf diseases.
There are three objectives when selecting a moss control product. Use a material that gives good moss control, good turf color and provides no injury to turf.
Iron is the most effective moss control available. The iron attaches to moss, quickly killing it and turning it black. MOSS OUT!® granules contain ferrous sulfate monohydrate. MOSS OUT!® liquids contains ferric sulfate.

Granular formulations are easy to quickly broadcast over large areas. Apply granules when moss is damp with dew and then lightly water to activate the iron.

Liquid formulations provide easy, thorough coverage.

The best time of year to apply lawn moss products is in the late fall or early spring when moss is actively growing. The key to successful control is even application.
Killing existing moss is done most effectively when moss is actively growing.
Zinc sulfate monohydrate is the most effective active ingredient for killing moss and slimes on listed hard surfaces without staining.
Moss is almost instantly killed but zinc preserves the mosses green color for two weeks or until the weather warms. At the preventative rate, moss will not return for up to six months.

Granular formulations are easy to quickly broadcast over large areas. MOSS OUT!® Roofs & Structures exclusive micro-granule formula can be used on roofs, patios, sidewalks, brick and unpainted cement.

Liquid formulations contain an ammoniated soap of fatty acids that quickly kills moss on structures, providing superior visible results in hours. Non-staining formula can be used on roofs, walks, decks and patios.

For the best application, apply just before fall rains begin or in early spring. The key to successful control is even application.
Control slippery moss and slime with an effective structural product.