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Corry's Moss B Ware


Pitched roofs that can be walked upon, such as composition, wood shingles, or shakes can most easily be treated by shaking the Moss B Ware granules directly from the container along the ridge of the roof. Rains then wash the Moss B Ware product down through lower moss patches. Apply 3 lbs. for 600 square feet of treatment area.

Rock, gravel, flat roofs and roofs that cannot be walked upon should be treated with a liquid application, using a sprinkling can or any type of pump-up sprayer. Slowly add contents of this container to 5 to 10 gallons of water, stirring until completely dissolved. Single mixture will cover 600 square feet of roofing and will usually control moss for two years. Patios and walkways are most effectively treated with sprinkling can or pump-up sprayer application. Dead moss can be swept away. Annual applications may be necessary.

Use Moss B Ware products to stop moss before it starts. Just follow the directions for killing existing moss. For prevention only, use at a rate of one pound per 1,000 square feet. This may require annual treatment.